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Wall heating kits

Are you looking for an efficient and affordable panel heating system for drywall construction that is also suitable for retrofitting? With our QuickTherm panel heating system, we offer you a universal system that can be used as wall heating. We offer you your wall heating in a practical set so that you do not have to go to the trouble of finding the individual components yourself and can be sure that all parts fit together 100%. On the one han ...

Wandheizung im Nassbau Sparpaket Wandheizung im Nassbau
Content 10 m² (€22.00 * / 1 m²)
€220.00 €243.20 *
Wandheizung im Trockenbau Wall heating (kit)
Content 10 m² (€68.00 * / 1 m²)
€680.00 €753.00 *

Wall heating components

At QuickTec you can buy all the individual components you need for your wall heating system online - both for retrofitting and for new construction. Our QuickTherm heating system can also be used as underfloor heating. Both variants are ideal for renovation projects thanks to their simple installation and low installation height. The extensive range for the individual components includes, among other things, system and infill panels, deflectio ...

Systemplatte System panel
Content 1 piece
Füllplatte Filling panel
Content 1 piece
Umlenkbögen Deflection bends
Content 1 piece
Heizrohr MVR im Ringbund MVR heating pipe in coil
Content 100 by the meter (€1.65 * / 1 by the meter)
Heizrohr MVR im Zuschnitt Cut MVR heating pipe
Content 1 by the meter
Universalfixierung Universal fixing
Content 5 Kilogramm (€19.80 * / 1 Kilogramm)

Control systems

With a panel heating system, for example underfloor or wall heating, you can create a cosy atmosphere and pleasant room temperature. Unlike ordinary radiators, the heat is evenly distributed over the entire heating surface so that it is distributed throughout the entire room. However, certain components - distributors and actuators, thermostats, mixing and control stations as well as connections - are required for the correct control o ...


If you are looking for professional tools for the installation of your wall heating, you have come to the right place! In our online shop, in addition to the various products and panel heaters, you will also receive professional tools that will help you to install your wall heating flawlessly. The large assortment includes, among other things, a pipe cutter, hand pressing pliers and bending springs as well as a groove cutter. A dispenser and a ...

Werkzeug-Set (Kaufartikel) Tool set (purchased item)
Content 1 package(s)
Rohrschere Pipe cutters
Content 1 piece
Manual crimping pliers Manual crimping pliers
Content 1 piece
Calibration tool Calibration tool
Content 1 piece
Nutenschneider Groove cutter
Content 1 piece
Rohrhaspel Pipe winder
Content 1 piece
Außenbiegefeder Outer bending spring
Content 1 piece

Wall heating & ceiling heating in dry construction – ideal for retrofitting

In our QuickTec shop, we offer you QuickTherm panel heating, a universal system that can be used not only as a floor heating system but also as a wall or ceiling heating system in drywall construction. QuickTherm can also be installed quickly and easily as wall or ceiling heating. All you have to do is clear the wall to be heated and you can use the rest of the room without restriction. Unlike point sources of heat, such as radiators, the heat is distributed over a large area and throughout the room. The wall heating emits the heat in the form of radiant heat, comparable to solar radiation, and creates a pleasant feel-good climate.

Practical complete set for panel heating in dry construction

To make the ordering process and installation as easy as possible for you and to keep the costs for your wall heating or ceiling heating in dry construction as low as possible, we offer QuickTherm in a practical complete set. The low-priced set includes all the necessary elements that you need for the installation of the wall heating or the ceiling heating in dry construction. We provide you with the heating pipe cut to size. This has the advantage for you that you do not have to search for the individual components and can be sure that all parts are one hundred percent compatible with each other. This saves money and an enormous amount of time, which you can then use for other aspects of your building project. In addition, you can get all the special tools you need for assembly in our online shop - also as rental tools.

Tips for assembly and installation

Our wall heating and our ceiling heating consist of system panels that can be easily mounted on the wall. Thanks to predetermined breaking points, they can be easily adapted to the room without tools. The panels are laid alternately between a row of wooden counter battens and glued with a universal fixation. The fixed installation spacing of the predefined pipe channels makes installation even easier. The omega shape ensures that the heating pipe is automatically fixed. The edge areas can be filled with cut-to-size filler panels. After installation, you screw the counter-battening to a drywall panel and can continue working on it directly, for example wallpapering.

This is what our QuickTherm wall heaters and ceiling heaters offer:

With our QuickTherm wall heating or also our QuickTherm ceiling heating, we offer you an inexpensive and at the same time extremely efficient heating solution. Due to the large heating surface, even low flow temperatures are sufficient. Thanks to dry construction, our panel heating is ideal for retrofitting. The system impresses with its excellent thermal conductivity and uncomplicated installation, which is possible even when the building is occupied and causes little dirt. The heat is emitted as radiation and thus ensures pleasant distribution throughout the room.

The advantages at a glance:

  • high efficiency: low flow temperatures enable energy-saving heating
  • quick & easy installation - ideal for retrofitting
  • low conversion effort: installation possible in occupied condition
  • pleasant radiant heat, distributed throughout the room
  • healthy room climate without air circulation: house dust remains on the floor, mould formation is avoided

Do you want to benefit from the advantages of QuickTherm heating? We are at your side as a competent partner for your building project. Send us an e-mail or use our contact form if you have any questions about our wall heating, ceiling heating or underfloor heating for drywall construction. We will also be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer on request.