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Decentralised ventilation

In modern houses with good façade insulation, excessive humidity in combination with mould growth can become a problem. In particular, room corners that are located on exterior walls and where moisture condenses are at risk. A remedy is a system for living room ventilation. In winter, however, the exchange of air between stale and fresh air often means the alternation of warm and cold air. The biggest disadvantage of this is that the expensiv ...

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Controlled living space ventilation: Advantages of the QuickAir ventilation system

In house building and other construction projects, more and more modern materials with improved insulating properties are being used. To avoid mould and damp and prevent possible damage, a suitable ventilation system is becoming increasingly important. With regard to this development, we have developed a special ventilation system that uses the principle of heat recovery and is ideally suited to your underfloor heating. Our QuickAir ventilation ensures a fresh and healthy indoor climate and enables controlled living space ventilation. The advantages compared to conventional ventilation systems are that no duct system is required and the QuickAir ventilation can also be easily and individually installed in every room afterwards.

Advantages of controlled living space ventilation

Controlled residential ventilation enables a constantly good indoor climate and high air quality in all rooms. At the same time, it is significantly more effective than classic window ventilation, as the air exchange is automatic and the presence of the occupants is not absolutely necessary. Mechanical ventilation provides just as much fresh air as necessary, even with closed windows, and prevents warm room air from escaping uncontrollably. In addition, the closed windows reduce noise pollution. The principle of living room ventilation with heat recovery is particularly efficient - up to 90 percent of the energy is recovered. During the exchange of air between used and fresh air, the heat of the exhaust air is transferred to the fresh air. This means that the energy already used is not lost, but is fed back into the living space. In addition, a controlled ventilation system protects against mould growth and moisture damage by correctly removing the humidity from the air. Allergy sufferers in particular benefit from mechanical ventilation. Outdoor air filters in the ventilation system filter out particles and allergens, for example pollen. This also protects the system from contamination.

QuickAir: automated ventilation, ideal in combination with underfloor heating

Our QuickAir ventilation is the ideal technical solution for automated living room ventilation with heat recovery. Operation always takes place in pairs. This means that one unit of the unit pair runs in the supply air phase, the other in the extract air phase. With this efficient principle of cross-room ventilation, the creation of overpressure and underpressure is avoided. For the operation of the ventilation system, you can obtain a special QuickTec control system from us, with which up to six QuickAir living room ventilation units can be controlled. Four performance levels and two different operating modes are available for control - one mode for summer and one setting for operation in winter. A regenerable replacement filter rounds off our ventilation range. The QuickAir ventilation also requires very little maintenance: if necessary, the heat accumulator and the filter of the QuickAir ventilation can be removed, cleaned and reinserted very easily. The filter is regenerable, i.e. it can be washed out under lukewarm water and thus cleaned. Alternatively, you can replace it with a replacement filter, which you can get at a reasonable price in our shop. The integrated slope of the QuickAir ventilation also ensures that condensation occurring in the pipe is reliably drained to the outside.

This is what controlled QuickAir ventilation offers:

  • Constantly high air quality and a pleasant indoor climate
  • Save energy and reduce heating costs
  • Protection against mould and moisture damage
  • Uncomplicated installation
  • Low maintenance

Do you also want to benefit from controlled ventilation and its advantages? If you opt for the combined solution of QuickAir ventilation and QuickTherm or GreenLine underfloor heating, you will get an effective solution and achieve great savings on your heating costs. Of course, QuickAir ventilation can also be used without underfloor heating. Do you have any questions? Our experienced staff will take care of your request and will be happy to advise you personally. You can reach us by telephone on 030-577018840 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 16:00. Do not hesitate and contact us!