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Advantages of QuickTherm underfloor heating at a glance:

  • Aluminium coating enables fast and even heating
  • Low flow temperatures save energy
  • Easy and uncomplicated installation by one person
  • Low installation height - ideal for retrofitting

Installing underfloor heating - practical tips

In addition to its efficiency and low installation height, QuickTherm heating is particularly impressive because it is quick and easy to install. Only a few steps are required for the installation of the underfloor heating, so that the installation can also be carried out by one person within a short time. Special tools for adapting to the room are also not required, as the system panels to be installed have predetermined breaking points. Depending on the floor structure, they can be laid floating or glued to the subfloor. With the help of the predefined pipe channels, the required laying distance of 166 mm is maintained. You can simply press the heating pipe into the pipe channel, and the deflection bends ensure that the pipe is guided safely and easily along the floor. You can use filler panels to line unheated areas, into which further pipe channels can be cut if required.


Do you have further questions about our QuickTherm underfloor heating or about installation? We have extensive expertise and are happy to provide you with professional advice. Get in touch with us!