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Underfloor heating kits

Our GreenLine and QuickTherm drywall systems are suitable for all areas of application and are specially designed for retrofitting.

save money on underfloor heating with our all-in-one savings packages

Heizkreisverteiler, Stellantrieb & Eurokonusverschraubung Economy package installation manifold 2-12...
Content 1 package(s)
€180.00 €198.40 *
GreenLine Ökologische Fußbodenheizung mit CompactFloor PRO GreenLine underfloor heating for CompactFloor...
Content 10 m² (€132.50 * / 1 m²)
€1,325.00 €1,476.10 *
GreenLine ökologische Fußbodenheizung Komplett-Set Komponenten für Laminat oder Parkett GreenLine underfloor heating for laminate and...
Content 10 m² (€90.00 * / 1 m²)
€900.00 €1,011.50 *
GreenLine Fußbodenheizung für Estrich GreenLine underfloor heating for screed 10-100 m²
Content 10 m² (€85.00 * / 1 m²)
€850.00 €962.08 *
Fußbodenheizung für CompactFloor PRO (Set) Economy kit underfloor heating with...
Content 10 m² (€115.00 * / 1 m²)
€1,150.00 €1,279.80 *
Fußbodenheizung für Fliesen (Set) Economy kit underfloor heating for tiles
Content 10 m² (€89.90 * / 1 m²)
Fußbodenheizung für Trockenestrich (Set) GreenLine underfloor heating for dry screed...
Content 10 m² (€77.50 * / 1 m²)
€775.00 €861.10 *

Underfloor heating QuickTherm

In our online shop you can order all individual components of the QuickTherm underfloor heating system - whether for retrofitting or for new construction. The panel heating system in dry construction is ideal for renovation projects thanks to its simple installation and low installation height. It can also be used as wall heating.

You can order the QuickTherm underfloor heating components individually alle Artikel anzeigen

Dehnungsfugenprofil für Trockenestrich Dehnungsfugenprofil für Trockenestrich
Content 1 package(s)
Systemplatte System panel
Content 1 piece
Füllplatte Filling panel
Content 1 piece
Umlenkbögen Deflection bends
Content 1 piece
Heizrohr MVR im Ringbund MVR heating pipe in coil
Content 100 by the meter (€1.50 * / 1 by the meter)
Heizrohr MVR im Zuschnitt Cut MVR heating pipe
Content 1 by the meter

Underfloor heating GreenLine

You can buy the individual components of our GreenLine underfloor heating in our online shop. In addition, we offer you savings packages. They are tailored to different floor constructions and floor coverings. The GreenLine underfloor heating system is ideal for retrofitting, but also for new construction. Do something good for yourself and the environment: opt for our environmentally friendly underfloor heating.

You can order ...</div>
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Systemplatte GreenLine System panel GreenLine
Content 1 piece
Umlenkbögen GreenLine Deflection bends GreenLine
Content 1 piece
Füllplatte GreenLine Filling panel GreenLine
Content 1 piece
Randdämmstreifen Fußbodenheizung GreenLine Edge insulation strips GreenLine
Content 25 by the meter (€1.32 * / 1 by the meter)
Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 20 mm Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 20 mm
Content 0.81 m² (€9.89 * / 1 m²)
Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 30 mm Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 30 mm
Content 0.9 m² (€12.89 * / 1 m²)

Floor leveling & insulation

At QuickTec you get everything you need for the installation of your underfloor heating. For floor levelling in dry construction, we recommend the CompactFloor Therm CE levelling fill. You also have the choice between the inexpensive QuickTherm thermal insulation and the environmentally friendly GreenLine variant.

You can buy everything you need for you ...</div>
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Blähglasgranulat & PU-Binder CompactFloor THERM PU Ausgleichsschüttung
Content 50 litre
Preis auf Anfrage
CompactFLoor CE Ausgleichsdämmung CompactFLoor THERM CE filling
Content 50 litre (€0.83 * / 1 litre)
Wärmedämmung XPS 300 kPa 20 mm Heat insulation XPS 300 kPa 20 mm
Content 0.75 m² (€8.67 * / 1 m²)
Wärmedämmung XPS 300 kPa 30 mm Heat insulation XPS 300 kPa 30 mm
Content 0.75 m² (€12.67 * / 1 m²)
Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 20 mm Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 20 mm
Content 0.81 m² (€9.89 * / 1 m²)
Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 30 mm Heat insulation wood fibre 150 kPa 30 mm
Content 0.9 m² (€12.89 * / 1 m²)

Control systems

Underfloor heating provides a pleasant indoor climate and a cosy living atmosphere. Unlike ordinary radiators, the heat is distributed throughout the room so that the desired temperature is generated in the entire room. In order to be able to control the underfloor heating properly, however, components are needed to regulate the underfloor heating. At Q ...


In our online shop you can order all the tool items that are required for the installation of QuickTherm underfloor heating or GreenLine underfloor heating. In addition, it is possible to borrow a loaner tool set free of charge for 14 days against a deposit. We offer two variants. The rental tool set mini contains all necessary tools for an installation of up to 20 m². If you are planning a larger construction project of more than 20 m², the ...

Werkzeug-Set (Leihartikel) Tool set (hire item)
Content 1 package(s)
Werkzeug-Set (Kaufartikel) Tool set (purchased item)
Content 1 package(s)
Rohrschere Pipe cutters
Content 1 piece
Manual crimping pliers Manual crimping pliers
Content 1 piece
Nutenschneider Groove cutter
Content 1 piece
Calibration tool Calibration tool
Content 1 piece
Rohrhaspel Pipe winder
Content 1 piece

Infos about underfloor heating

With our QuickTherm underfloor heating, we offer you a custom-fit solution for use in dry construction that is also ideal for retrofitting. Whether for laminate or parquet, for tiles, carpet, PVC or vinyl - a wide variety of floor coverings can be installed on QuickTherm and GreenLine underfloor heating. There is a suitable floor construction for every ...

Underfloor heating for parquet, tiles and other floor coverings

Since every building project brings with it its own individual challenges, you will find various custom-fit solutions for the installation of your underfloor heating with us.

Whether for parquet, laminate, tiles, carpet or another floor covering - our dry construction underfloor heating systems are suitable for all areas of application. They have been specially developed for retrofitting. Of course, they are also ideal for new construction.

In our shop we offer you the GreenLine and QuickTherm underfloor heating systems. Both are surface heating systems that can also be used as wall and ceiling heating systems and are compatible with each other. The QuickTherm system panels are made from ESP, the GreenLine from natural building materials. Both dry construction systems are suitable for all floor coverings. Which floor coverings can actually be used in practice depends on the desired floor construction. Different floor coverings are possible depending on the structure (dry screed, screed or direct laying).

Practical complete sets: underfloor heating for parquet and laminate flooring

For renovations, we recommend underfloor heating in dry construction. Depending on the available construction height, we have developed various solutions for you. From a construction height of 50 mm, a QuickTherm variant with dry screed is possible. The screed elements can be installed quickly and easily. You are then free to choose which floor covering you want to lay on the underfloor heating: parquet, tiles, carpet, PVC, etc. - dry screed is suitable for all common top floors.

The special strength of the QuickTherm system becomes apparent from a construction height of only 30 mm: Thanks to perfectly matched load distribution plates and direct laying, all common floor coverings can be used at very low installation heights. To make ordering and installation as easy as possible, we have put together complete sets for you. For example, if you are planning to install parquet or laminate on your underfloor heating, you can choose between different packages that include the efficient CompactFloor heat-conducting layers.

Advantages of underfloor heating in dry construction

With the QuickTherm system technology, we offer you an underfloor heating system that is inexpensive and extremely efficient at the same time. Due to the dry construction method, it is characterised by its low weight, excellent thermal conductivity and simple and quick installation. As a competent partner for your building project, we are at your side with help and advice. Simply write us an e-mail or use our contact form if you have any questions about underfloor heating for parquet or other floor coverings. We will also be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.