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QuickTec: References and experiences of our customers

Whether in the bathroom or in a circus wagon, QuickTec underfloor heating systems offer a wide range of solutions for new buildings and renovations. Here, customers present their building projects - let yourself be inspired!

Based on our expertise and experience, we can look back on various successfully realised projects of our customers. The QuickTec references show that our underfloor heating is suitable for a wide variety of floor coverings and, thanks to uncomplicated installation technology, can be adapted to the premises with minimal effort. We have compiled some pictures and comments for you on the following pages.

QuickTec references for QuickTherm underfloor heating

Our QuickTherm underfloor heating system is particularly popular due to its wide range of applications and uses. Builder Uwe L. retrofitted underfloor heating in his son's nursery and chose the CompactFloor DIRECT version with heat distribution plates for laminate. Oliver H. also chose underfloor heating with load distribution layers, but the CompactFloor PRO variant. Thanks to fast installation, he completely laid an area of 80 m² within two days as part of an old building renovation. Building owner Marita D. had already installed underfloor heating with dry screed and ceiling cooling in her bathroom ten years ago and is still one hundred percent satisfied. Her underfloor heating reacts extremely quickly and is only switched on when heat is desired. The ceiling cooling is especially practical in warm summer months.

QuickTherm used as ceiling heating

As a surface heating system, the EPS system panels of our QuickTherm heating system can also be installed as wall or ceiling heating. This is what our customer Joachim P. decided to do. He wanted to keep his beautiful floorboards, but still wanted to retrofit a modern panel heating system. In this case, ceiling heating is the ideal solution. Joachim P. installed the heating elements between a counter-battening and then screwed the drywall boards to the battening. He is very satisfied with the result.

GreenLine underfloor heating with dry screed - realised customer project

Building owner Jakob M. chose our ecological GreenLine underfloor heating system for installation in dry screed and is enthusiastic about the quick and easy installation. He laid the system boards made of wood fibre insulation on an OSB board (oriented strand board), also known as coarse chipboard, and then screwed the dry screed on top - finished!

To add your own reference

Have you had a good experience with QuickTec or would you like to share pictures of your installation with other tradesmen? Then we look forward to receiving them! Show us and other customers how you installed your underfloor heating and present us your successfully completed construction project. If you would like to add your own reference, you can simply fill out the form and send us the relevant data. We will then check your data and take care of an attractive design so that your building project is shown to its best advantage. We will then publish your building project on our website under "References".

As you can see, there are numerous variations and areas of application for the installation of our underfloor heating systems. Let yourself be inspired by the experiences and references of other QuickTec customers and start your own building project. We will be happy to support you with detailed advice and, if required, also give you practical tips and advice on installation. Just get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!