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Load distribution layers

When underfloor heating is installed in dry construction, no screed is distributed between the floor covering and the heating, but special load distribution boards are laid. In comparison, these load distribution layers convince with a much more effective heat conductivity and distribution, as they need less time to transfer the heat from the heating to the floor covering. We have various solutions available for you, all of which have been tes ...

CompactFloor PRO 12 CompactFloor PRO 12
Content 0.859 m² (€52.97 * / 1 m²)
CompactFloor DIRECT CompactFloor DIRECT
Content 8 m² (€9.38 * / 1 m²)
CompactFloor EXPERT CompactFloor EXPERT
Content 0.186 m² (€58.06 * / 1 m²)
QuickFloor FL QuickFloor FL
Content 0.6 m² (€33.17 * / 1 m²)


When installing underfloor heating in dry construction, load distribution layers are usually used to provide the necessary stability and even heat distribution. In order to be able to correctly install these load distribution plates between the underfloor heating and the floor covering, QuickTec offers a wide range of accessories for load distribution layers.

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Dehnungsfugenprofil für Trockenestrich Dehnungsfugenprofil für Trockenestrich
Content 1 package(s)
CompactFloor EXPERT Epoxikleber CompactFloor EXPERT epoxi glue
Content 6 Kilogramm (€16.50 * / 1 Kilogramm)
Stichsägeblatt T 141 HM Jigsaw blade T 141 HM
Content 1 piece
CompactFloor PRO Hybridkleber CompactFloor PRO hybrid glue
Content 0.31 litre (€58.06 * / 1 litre)
Trittschalldämmbahn Impact sound insulation 8/6
Content 62.5 m² (€12.72 * / 1 m²)
Tape für QuickFloor FL Tape for QuickFloor FL
Content 12 by the meter (€3.08 * / 1 by the meter)
Universalfixierung Universal fixing
Content 5 Kilogramm (€19.80 * / 1 Kilogramm)

Load distribution layers for underfloor heating in dry construction

When installing underfloor heating in dry construction, so-called load distribution layers are laid between the floor covering and the underfloor heating, replacing the screed. Wet and dry screeds often take a long time to transfer the heat to the floor covering. The opposite is the case with QuickTec's specialised load distribution boards: by combining good thermal conductivity with a thin-layer structure, they ensure even load distribution on the heating elements of the underfloor heating system. There are many different solutions, each suitable for different floor coverings. All load distribution layers that you can find in our online shop have been tested and approved with the QuickTherm and GreenLine underfloor heating systems.

Heat and load distribution layers for underfloor heating - different solutions

We offer three different thermal barrier systems - CompactFloor PRO 12, CompactFloor EXPERT and CompactFloor DIRECT - and two different load distribution layers: QuickFloor TK and QuickFloor FL. Our universal heat-conducting layer CompactFloor PRO 12 is an ideal complement for QuickTherm underfloor heating. Despite its low storage mass, the board impresses with a very high thermal conductivity - without any inertia. The PRO 12 heat-conducting layer can be used with any floor covering. Our CompactFloor EXPERT consists of fibre-reinforced concrete elements that allow a high load-bearing capacity of 5.0 kN/m² and large tile dimensions of 1.20 m x 1.20 m. This property makes the CompactFloor EXPERT heat-conducting layer the ideal complement for underfloor heating in residential, office and commercial buildings. CompactFloor DIRECT represents a combination of thermal conduction layer and acoustic mat and is therefore ideal as a sound insulation underlay for floating parquet and laminate floors. The aluminium layer can optimally transfer the heat of the underfloor heating to the floor covering and ensures pleasant comfort. It also acts as a vapour barrier.

We have developed QuickFloor FL especially for tiles. The thermally conductive decoupling and load distribution boards made of polyester fibres can also be combined with QuickTherm and GreenLine underfloor heating without any problems. The load distribution layer QuickFloor TK is again the suitable solution for carpet and floating coverings made of plastic, for example PVC or vinyl. Thanks to the click connection, installation is uncomplicated and simple.

Accessories: load distribution layers, adhesive tape and more

Would you like to convince yourself of the advantages of underfloor heating for dry construction and buy the corresponding products online? Then QuickTec is the right place for you! With us you will not only find underfloor heating systems ideally suited for retrofitting, for example the QuickTherm underfloor heating system, but also practical accessories. In addition to the load distribution layers, we carry various adhesives that are needed for laying and fixing the load distribution panels, as well as a jigsaw blade for cutting the CompactFloor PRO elements to size. An impact sound insulation sheet, a separating foil, adhesive tape and other accessories round off the extensive range.

Practical tools for installation

No matter which model you choose, all our products are quick and easy to install. After 24h drying time, any floor covering can then be laid on the load distribution layers. The CompactFloor® DIRECT heat-conducting layer can be laid even faster, so that you can start laying prefabricated parquet or laminate immediately after unrolling and gluing without any drying times. In addition, we offer you suitable tools for the installation. Optionally, you can also borrow our tool set for a deposit. For the installation of the load distribution boards, we recommend our Maxi tool set, which includes, among other things, a dispenser and adhesive tape for separating foil.

This is what our load distribution layers offer

  • high heat conduction supports efficient heating
  • the right solution for every floor covering
  • quick and easy installation
  • low profile - ideal for dry construction and retrofitting


Do you have questions about one of our products or do you need assistance with the installation of load distribution layers for your underfloor heating? With our experience and the expertise that comes with it, we will be happy to provide you with advice and support as a reliable contact. Do not hesitate - get in touch with us!