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CompactFloor PRO 12 CompactFloor PRO 12
The universal conductive layer CompactFloor PRO 12 is the ideal complement to a QuickTherm underfloor heating. With its installation height of only 12 mm, the cement fibre based load distribution layer combines the advantage of a classic...
Content 0.8591 m² (€43.06 * / 1 m²)
CompactFloor PRO Hybridkleber CompactFloor PRO hybrid glue
CompactFloor PRO hybrid glue ist needed for the installation of CompactFloor PRO conductive layers. The hybrid is solvent-free and ensures a rapid full curing. • content: 310 ml for approx. 5 m² CompactFloor PRO • skin formation: approx....
Content 0.31 litre (€37.42 * / 1 litre)
CompactFloor DIRECT CompactFloor DIRECT
CompactFloor DIRECT combines conductive layer and acoustic mat and is the perfect footfall sound insulation for floating laminate and parquet. Due to the aluminium coating, heat is transfered directly to the floor covering and thus...
Content 8 m² (€7.66 * / 1 m²)
CompactFloor EXPERT Epoxikleber CompactFloor EXPERT epoxi glue
CompactFloor EXPERT epoxi glue is a solvent-free, thixotropic universal glue, which is mixed from two components (resin and hardener). It is supplied in containers as two buckets with matched mixing ratio, ie 4 kg of component A (resin)...
Content 6 Kilogramm (€9.57 * / 1 Kilogramm)
Stichsägeblatt T 141 HM Jigsaw blade T 141 HM
The jigsaw blate T 141 HM is needed for cutting CompactFloor PRO panels. • material: Tungsten carbide tipped • suitable jigsaws: Bosch, AEG, Milwaukee, DeWalt, ELU, Festool, Hitachi, Mafell, Makita, Metabo, Protool • area of application:...
Content 1 piece
CompactFloor EXPERT CompactFloor EXPERT
The conductivity layer CompactFloor EXPERT is a modern advancement of load distributions layers in drywall constructions. The fiber reinforced concrete elements offer an installation height of 20 mm and a high load capacity of 5,.0 kN /...
Content 0.1863 m² (€41.60 * / 1 m²)
Trittschalldämmbahn Impact sound insulation 8/6
The QuickThermfootfall sound insulation comes in a structure of QuickTherm underfloor heating used with floating screed. It is installed under the system elements of the underfloor heating. The 8 mm thick roll is made of extruded,...
Content 62.5 m² (€8.31 * / 1 m²)
QuickFloor FL QuickFloor FL
QuickFloor FL is a heat conducting decoupling and load distribution panel made of polyester fibres optimised for tiles. Combined with QuickTherm underfloor heating, it ensures low floor installations from 37 mm and efficiently channels...
Content 0.6 m² (€24.20 * / 1 m²)
Tape für QuickFloor FL Tape for QuickFloor FL
Textile tape to seal and attach joins and impact points for the QuickFloor FL load distribution layer. Available in sizes: • 12 metres (roll) and • 120 metres (roll)
Content 12 by the meter (€1.86 * / 1 by the meter)
Universalfixierung Universal fixing
Depending on the installation version of QuickTherm underfloor heating, system elements and/or additional heat insulation must be attached to the base. Universal fixing is used in this case. Eco Fix universal fixing is an easy to...
Content 5 Kilogramm (€14.60 * / 1 Kilogramm)
Aluband für CompactFloor DIRECT Aluminimum tape for acoustic mat
CompactFloor DIRECT mats can be simply and safely fixed to the join edges with the aluminium coated adhesive tape. • Width: 50 mm • Length: 50 m
Content 50 by the meter (€0.28 * / 1 by the meter)
Trennfolie Separating foil
QuickTherm separating foil made of kraft paper reinforced on both sides serves as a separating layer between QuickTherm underfloor heating and various load distribution layers. The foil is used, for example, in combination with a wet...
Content 100 m² (€0.87 * / 1 m²)
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