How to calculate the control of underfloor heating

Calculating the required system components for underfloor heating can be carried out in a few steps. Of course, this calculation can also be used for wall heating & ceiling heating.


Step 1: Calculation of heating circuits & distributor

The pipe of a heating circuit should not exceed a length of 100m. Since the spacing of the QuickTherm underfloor heating is 166 mm, 6 metres of pipe are laid per m². This means that you need a circuit per 15 m² heating surface. The number of the heating circuit determines the size of the heating circuit distributord. A QuickTherm heating circuit distributor can accommodate up to 12 heating circuits.

Step 2: Calculation of accessories

Each heating circuit must be connected to the flow and return flow of the heating circuit distributor. For this, you need one set of eurocone screw connection per heating circuit. Also, an actuator is required for each heating circuit, so that the underfloor heating can later be controlled by a thermostat.

Step 3: Calculation of connection strips & thermostats

You need a thermsotat per heated room and one connection strip per distributor. The connection strip connects the thermostats to the acutators of the heating circuit distributor.

Step 4: Cabinet for the heating circuit distributor (optional)

Optionally, you can use a distribution cabinet (surface-mounted or recessed) for the distributor.

open distributor


  • Heating circuit distributor – calculation of size
    You require one heating circuit per 15 m² heating area.

  • Heating circuits – calculating the control accessories
    You need one set of Eurocone screw connections per heating circuit.
    You require one actuator per heating circuit. 

  • Connection strip / thermostats – regulation of individual heating circuits
    You require one connection strip per heating circuit distributor.
    You require one thermostat per room. 

  • Optional: cabinet for heating circuit distributor
    You can use one distribution cabinet per heating circuit distributor

Here you will find a sample calculation.

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