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About us

Quick Tec GmbH is a medium-sized business with its headquarters in Berlin. QuickTec sells products for DIY and trade in the areas of new builds and redevelopments. QuickTec products are sold online.

Our aim
We want to develop and sell products and services that provide you with a little more quality of life and satisfaction. We value openness and our constant improvement. We work in the interest of our customers: if our customers are satisfied then we are too. It's a promise!

Our motto: easy – easy – easy
Experience has taught us that building and redevelopment projects rarely go to plan due to their complexity. Our aim is therefore that our products and services are easy to purchase and use in order to reduce the complexity as much as possible.

Decisions on building and redevelopment projects are not easily made; they are carefully planned. We therefore want to be a competent partner for our customers who they can rely on.

We offer you economic and operationally safe products with consistently high quality. Our products are manufactured 100% in Germany and the rest of the EU.